Mr. Bobbys World: August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

would you take this ring and be mine :) (zelda - triforce ring)

i dont know what to say about this. its just fucking weird.

Short Film: A Gentlemen's Duel

aaah eee ooooh Killer Tofu!! (The Beets)

The Beets - Killer Tofu (Doug) Hard Rock Remix

The Beets - Shout Your Lungs Out (Doug) Hard Rock Remix

The Beets - I Need More Allowance

You Want More Puppies?

Primus - Too Many Puppies

Too many puppies are being shot in the dark.
Too many puppies are trained not to bark.
At the sight of blood that must be spille dso that 
We may maintain our oil fields.
Too many puppies
Too many puppies are taught to heal.
Too many puppies are trained to kill.
On the command of men wearing money belts that buy
mistresses sleek animal pelts.
Too many puppies.

Too many puppies with guns in their hands.
Too many puppies in foreign lands.
Are dressed up sharp in suits of green and 
Placed upon the war machine.
Too many puppies are just like me.
Too many puppies are afraid to see.
The visions of the past brought to life again,
Too many puppies, too many dead men.

whats up D%#$^

if it wasn't for =3 again. i would have never seen this. soon i must take this vid :)

Interpol - C'Mere

Interpol - C'Mere

It's way too late to be this locked inside ourselves
The trouble is that you're in love with someone else
It should be me. Oh, it should be me
Sacred parts, your get aways
You come along on summer days
Tenderly, tastefully

And so may, we make time
Try to find somebody else
This place is mine

You said today, you know exactly how I feel
I had my doubts little girl
I'm in love with something real
It could be me, that's changing!

And so may, we make time
To try and find somebody else
Who has a line

Now season with health
Two lovers walk a lakeside mile
Try pleasing with stealth, rodeo
See what stands long ending fast

Oh, how I love you
And in the evening, when we are sleeping
We are sleeping. Oh, we are sleeping

And so may, we make time
We try to find somebody else
Who has a line

Now season with health
Two lovers walk a lakeside mile
Try pleasing with stealth, rodeo
See what stands long ending fast

Future of Rockband!

took this from they always have great stuff. sometimes i could spend hours on there.

Numa Numa Song

The Master Noise Maker

Fm Einheit - Princess Crocodile

Fm Einheit, of the band Einstürzende Neubauten, has completely caught me off guard with this song. Coming from a band that makes music with metal slamming, coils vibrating, bass so heavy and dark, you would not expect this. Its got this dnb feel at points and a house feel through out. The voice fits so perfectly on that jazz sample repeating; nothing would compliment the whole better.

When first listening to the song, you would think it was made by some other artist, but if you pay close attention to certain sounds in the background you remember who you are listening to. The low bass that almost crunches and that little sound that seems to swing through out the whole song; it makes you move your head from left to right.  The faster beat kicks in with its toy sounding explosion, makes you add a little head bob to the whole motion.

His other music is much more ambient, experimental. I suggest you take some time youtubing.

I have always been impressed when producers that delve deep into the ancient sound of music like Daft Punk, many hip hop artists and beyond. You can only reach the new by using the old; by sampeling or by learning from it. Keep creating.

Liaisons Dangereuses - Live from The Hacienda 7th July 1982 (Full)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air

Chris Lake & Lys - La Tromba (Original Mix)


Top 10 Hulk Hogan Moments

Jack Beats - About To Get Fresh (Brillz Remix)

Copy of Nirvana - something in the way REMIX (Sinoda & Bai-ee )

Kick Ass 2 Angry Review

Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley

Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley (Part 1/2)

 Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley (Part 2/2)


Boys Noize Studio Tour With Future Music

11 Questions Willy Wonka Left Unanswered

Queen - The Show Must Go On

Caspa - Geordie Racer (feat. Subscape)

Mark Henning - Supersonic (Original Mix)

Top 10 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Top 10 Worst CGI Movie Effects

Supervillain Origins: The Hobgoblin

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Drunks

Monday, August 19, 2013

vThe Office Finale Bonus

Superman's Bad Day

Craig Ferguson Why everything sucks

Solar Roadways: Great Idea

Two men + two Tesla coils + special suits = ELECTRICITY FIGHT!

Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot - Psychosocial Baby

Tae Kwon Do First Pitch

Girl Shoots AK47 and Almost Her Boyfriend

Driver Catapulted Out of Her Car During Crash

Workout your abs by doing these laughing exercises. Hilarious

Infinity Ink - "Infinity" (Official Video)

Kill The Noise - Dying (feat. Ultraviolet Sound & Emily Hudson)

Dabeull - Breakaway

Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer (Xristo Remix)

Freddie Mercury's Vocal Improvisation With Public

Queen - The Making Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Massive Train Fight with Drunk Guy

Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

Top 10 Saturday Night Live Characters

The Fugees - Ooh La La La (Notize Bootleg)

2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

2Pac - Changes (Lulleaux Bootleg)

Heatwave- Always and Forever

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Romeo - These Memories

Cryin Shames 1966 - Please Stay

The Lightning Seeds - Joy

Rob Zombie Let It All Bleed Out [Document One Remix]

The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Nirvana - All Apologies (MTV Unplugged)

Garbage- Stupid Girl

Rammstein - Engel

White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65

Nine Inch Nails-Maybe Just Once

Bauhaus - Crowds

Bauhaus - Crowds

What do you want of me 
What do you long from me 
A slim Pixie, thin and forlorn 
A count, white and drawn 
What do you make of me 
What can you take from me 
Pallid landscapes off my frown 
Let me rip you up and down 

For you I came to forsake 
Lay wide despise and hate 
I sing of you in my lamented* songs 
For you and your stimulations 
Take what you can of me 
Rip what you can off me 
And this I'll say to you 
And hope that it gets through 

You worthless bitch 
You fickle shit 
You will spit on me 
You will make me spit 
And when the Judas howl arise 
And like the Jesus Jews you epitomize 
I'll still be here as strong as you 
And I'll walk away in spite of you 

And I'll walk away 
Walk away 

i love bauhaus. i grew up with peter. so tell me why i have never heard this song!!! fuck. its sooo great. why because i mostly owned best of's. i love actually taking the time to listen to music again. being a dj takes that away from you. remember being able to listen to a whole album from beginning to end? now everything is so ADD shuffle. nothing has a form anymore but wasn't that why we were in love with albums for. it told a story. my favorite example of this is actually razed in black - sacrifice. if you listen to the album it tells his story of his breakup. its ingenious. i would love to be able to do something like that. 

razed in black -

The Cure - Trust (HQ)

there's no-one left in the world
that i can hold onto
there is really no-one left at all
there is only you
and if you leave me now
you leave all that we were
there is really no-one left
you are the only one

and still the hardest part for you
to put your trust in me
i love you more than i can say
why won't you just believe?

Adam Ant - Wonderful

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Origin Of Love

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Origin Of Love

When the earth was still flat,
And the clouds made of fire,
And mountains stretched up to the sky,
Sometimes higher,
Folks roamed the earth
Like big rolling kegs.
They had two sets of arms.
They had two sets of legs.
They had two faces peering
Out of one giant head
So they could watch all around them
As they talked; while they read.
And they never knew nothing of love.
It was before the origin of love.

The origin of love

And there were three sexes then,
One that looked like two men
Glued up back to back,
Called the children of the sun.
And similar in shape and girth
Were the children of the earth.
They looked like two girls
Rolled up in one.
And the children of the moon
Were like a fork shoved on a spoon.
They were part sun, part earth
Part daughter, part son.

The origin of love

Now the gods grew quite scared
Of our strength and defiance
And Thor said,
"I'm gonna kill them all
With my hammer,
Like I killed the giants."
And Zeus said, "No,
You better let me
Use my lightening, like scissors,
Like I cut the legs off the whales
And dinosaurs into lizards."
Then he grabbed up some bolts
And he let out a laugh,
Said, "I'll split them right down the middle.
Gonna cut them right up in half."
And then storm clouds gathered above
Into great balls of fire

And then fire shot down
From the sky in bolts
Like shining blades
Of a knife.
And it ripped
Right through the flesh
Of the children of the sun
And the moon
And the earth.
And some Indian god
Sewed the wound up into a hole,
Pulled it round to our belly
To remind us of the price we pay.
And Osiris and the gods of the Nile
Gathered up a big storm
To blow a hurricane,
To scatter us away,
In a flood of wind and rain,
And a sea of tidal waves,
To wash us all away,
And if we don't behave
They'll cut us down again
And we'll be hopping round on one foot
And looking through one eye.

Last time I saw you
We had just split in two.
You were looking at me.
I was looking at you.
You had a way so familiar,
But I could not recognize,
Cause you had blood on your face;
I had blood in my eyes.
But I could swear by your expression
That the pain down in your soul
Was the same as the one down in mine. 
That's the pain,
Cuts a straight line
Down through the heart;
We called it love.
So we wrapped our arms around each other,
Trying to shove ourselves back together.
We were making love,
Making love.
It was a cold dark evening,
Such a long time ago,
When by the mighty hand of Jove,
It was the sad story
How we became
Lonely two-legged creatures,
It's the story of
The origin of love.
That's the origin of love.

Girl in a Coma - El Monte

Girl in a Coma - El Monte

I want to wash all of your clothes and make you feel warm when you’re cold.
And scratch you when you got an itch.
I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do.
I do want to marry you.

I want to suck all of your toes and love you when you’re feeling low.
And fall down when you scream, Bang!
I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do.
I do want to sing with you.

Scream it out, You’re the first in the game.
Fail to mention now, you’ve forgotten my name.
Stare down the barrel of your own gun ‘cause it’s yours.
Stare down the barrel of your own gun ‘cause it’s yours.
I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do.
I do want to marry you.

Am I just another figure to call upon when you’re bored?
Am I something else to ignore?
Am I just another score, you adore?

After Forever - Lonely

What would happen if I go?
Just leave without any reason why?
Would someone wonder why? would someone miss me?

What would happen if I couldn't take it?
Just break without any signs up front
Would someone pick it up?
Would someone help me out?

'Cause life ain't easy for me
Ain't easy alone
This is my path, it's lonely

What would happen if I change?
Just wake up one day not quite the same
Would someone wonder why? would someone know how I was before?
Would they like me better knowing I am not the one I was
What would happen if I lie?

'Cause life ain't easy for me
Ain't easy alone
This is my path, it's lonely

Cradle Of Filth - The Death of Love

Anal Cunt - Theme from threes a company

Eskorbuto - mierda, mierda, mierda

Los Crudos - Asesinos

Brujeria - Hechando Chingasos

Fear Factory - Demanufacture

Ministry - Flashback

Razed In Black Damage Inc

Pig - Sinsation

depeche mode - condemnation

skinny puppy - blue serge

Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope

Martin L. Gore - In A Manner Of Speaking

Apoptygma Berzerk - Nothing Else Matters

System Of A Down - Psycho

Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Ways To Overcome Your Party Anxiety

What Will We Miss?

A-Trak Presents Short Cuts with ENFERNO- Performing Will Brenan RNR (ENF...

Boys Noize "Starwin" (Official Music Video)

Born Ruffians "Needle" Young Galaxy Remix

Retro game of the week - Full Throttle (PC)

Five good reasons why - Super Smash Bros Wii U is going to kick ass

DRINK YOUR FACE -- Mind Blow #67

Awesome Tiny Car and more... -- BiDiPi #36


Splattergate: No Pressure 10:10


Depeche Mode - But not tonight

Jacques Your Body - Les rythmes digitales live!

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Les Rythmes Digitales - Sometimes

Ray Charles - I love you so much

Lets give them something To Talk About - Reality, Bonnie Raitt

Salt-N-Pepa - Push It

I'm Tired Madeline Kahn Blazing Saddles

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Late Night Radio Pause - Yesterday's Tomorrow

Ellie Goulding - High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Krewella vs. Avicii & Nicky Romero vs. MUST DIE! - One Alive Skull Kid (Dani Deahl Remix)

Candyland - Get Wild (MUST DIE! Remix)

El Chopo in Mexico - Saturday Market

garrobos - Sacude el craneo

Agent Orange - BloodStains

gLAdiator x Chromatic - GameCube Nintendo

Rod Stewart - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Zimmer Rework)


Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue feat. Ana Criado - Fallen Angel (Dennis Sheperd Club Mix)

Denis Kenzo feat. Sveta B. - Lullaby Lonely

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

AMIT - Acid Trip [Official Video]