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Mr. Bobby was introduced to the dj/party world through his older brother. He began his musical career promoting for L.I.E. and MAYHEM in the late 90s. Promptly moving on to collaborate with others to form Profound Image containing crowds of around 1000 people. After a good few years he went on to form Profound Music on his own focused on Punk shows. He would also help put together festivals, block parties, art shows and much more. For a short time he formed The Androide Kult with a few others. Not having a DJ name he was dubbed Mr. Bobby. He then moved on to work with many different people who had the same drive to organize events and entertain people with good music. He has worked with Kompute Musik. For a brief period he worked with a few others to have the MYOUR HOUSE parties. Spent some time in Custom Vibes, Front 312 until finally finding home with Blacklight Blackout, Vice, TFU and Cold Tech.

Bobby's own music has been on the works for a while as he has collaborated with many musicians. His style jumps from industrial, electronic, ambient, electro, to techno and a touch of Goth.

When you see him out mixing he can truly try to accommodate to what will make the people move. You can see that throughout his entire life he has been affected by all types and all styles from house, Goth, Indie, Punk, Electro, to the never ending genres the music will grow into. He tries to blend different genres with same sounds together to create his own concoction of sound. His favorite quote is "my life is music and music is life".

Places I’ve mixed at: many North Coast Music Festival (closed silent disco stage), Spring Awakening Music Festival (silent disco stage)PeacefestsThe Congress Theatre, The Portage Theater, The MidThe MetroLincoln HallPorn And Chicken, NeoExit, SmartbarEvil OlivePrimary, Crocodile, Simones, Beauty Bar, Grandbar, Subterranean, Mexican Fine Arts MuseumUltra LoungeGreen Dolphin StreetDebonair Social ClubLiars Club, DarkroomSonothequeAngels And KingsOhmZentraBar FourBig WigClub 720Plan B LoungeLucky Number GrillTini MartiniMartini LoungeJuniorsCananasSerenataThe NoteGramaphone Records, The Orbit (through parties here), Furamas (through parties here), Camped OutPlanet RockFamily Reunion, MYOUR HOUSE, Print Shop, Wyser House, Swayze Complex, 

Opened/Worked with: SnailsFelix Da Housecat. Jack Beats, Designer DrugsAero Chord, Huglife, Cenobite, BukuJackalDestructo, DigitalismLA Riots, Slick IdiotEn Esch of KMFDM, Maxim Reality of the ProdigyDesigner DrugsDigitalismJack BeatsDestructoCyberpunkersPlastilina MoshAndy Rourke of The SmithsDiplo, Midnight Conspiracy, ZeboOrvill Kline, HexesPerfect KissComasoftRichard Fearless of Death in VegasTraxxGene HuntPaul JonhsonLego, Gant-man,  Roy Davis Jr., Mike Dunn, Marques WyattDizDJ KeokiWoody McbrideKingdomDJ SegaMount SimsAlexander RobotnikThe GlassAcidkidsDiamonds from the GlamourDanny the WildchildAdam XDelta9Submerge 101Jesse De La PenaPhantom 45Le Castle VaniaMillion Dollar ManoPlastique De ReveFrankie VegaAlex ZelenkaGabriel PalomoDavid BrittonJordan FieldsM.I.A. DnB CrewVyleKid EnigmaMicrodotMadjazzRob ThreezyCharlie Glitch, Danny LivewireScary Lady SarahSean of CyanoticJamie Duffy (DJ? Acucrack)Cobra SnakeGhetto DivisionSuicide GirlsClevelands Acid RainVampire FreaksWe Are WolvesMotorFFMAdam KesherPassionsKill Memory CrashMonologicPure Magical LoveBBUGemini ClubEchonineMr. GrayCausticCruciform InjectionApocolypse TheatreMona MurCondenadaMagic MilkEskeLos JodidosNo SloganI attackSector 7,  Environmental EncroachmentAtillaAntiguo Automata MexicanoSeeksers Who are LoversAbbey and the AssholesCount Brent and the MaestosNew Thrill ParadeKobol, Source,
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Mr. Bobby has made his life about music and entertainment. From the late 90s till now. Known for musical movements such as Profound Image, Profound Music, Androide Kult, MYour House, Custom Vibes, Front 312, Blacklight Blackout and Vice. Djing and organizing parties since his teens. Music changes but the love of music never disappears. Able to play many different genres he gets the chance to be involved in so many different types of events. He has had a chance to mix at some festivals: North Coast Music Festival, Spring Awakening Music Festival, Pilsen Festival, Mole Festival, Peacefests and Mixed with greats as Felix Da Housecat, Designer Drugs, Digitalism, Jack Beats, Destructo, Paul Johnson, Midnight Conspiracy, and many more. Full Bio can be found at

I am also 1/3rd of BROKEN DISCO 1980 and Madmen.

"Bobby is an awesome DJ with a lot of technical know how and deep roots in the Chicago scene. His knowledge of Ableton and fearless stage presence is really what sets him apart from other performers. I loved working with Bobby at Exit, Evil Olive, art galleries in Pilsen, and Rodan. I would book him over most of the competition in Chicago any day just based on his charisma and energy alone. "

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Magazine Writing

            South Side DJ, Mr. Bobby a.k.a. Bobby Hernandez, has been a familiar name in the underground party scene for the past decade. His ability to blend various styles of music allows his talent to transcend between the distinctive worlds of the South and North Sides of Chicago. Being able to travel all over the city has given him insight into the ever-changing party where he not only sees as a work place, but he enjoys as well.     

Andres: What’s your stage name?
Mr. Bobby: Mr. Bobby
Andres: What made you choose this name?
Mr. Bobby: (Laughs) Honestly, I was dubbed Mr. Bobby simply because this guy Trancid needed a name to put on a flyer. Me, him and this other dude used to be Android Cult a long time ago and we started DJ-ing together and he needed a name. So, then he just said, “hey, well let me call you Mr. Bobby.”
            Before that I had really really bad names. I guess the first one… my friends were all DJs, so they dubbed me DJ Cadenas (chains), which is horrible! The reason they did that was because I would always wear a chain choker, a chain on my wrist and chains on my pants. Yeah, they gave me that. After that I was doing punk shows, so I dubbed it myself… stupid name, Punk’in the Head, you know, like pumpkin head. My cousin used to call me pumpkin head so I went with it.  Oh, it was stupid, but finally I was called Mr. Bobby because of Trancid.
Andres: How’d you get into DJing?
Mr. Bobby: I started with my older brother who used to help promote for this group, Mayhem Productions that was mid nineties or something. I don’t remember how old I was, but I was too young to go, but I still got flyers from him and went to schools and promoted, passed out flyers. Eventually, he started another production company called Profound Image, which was him, me, some of my friends and my cousin, so it was a family kind of thing. We went to huge parties at this place called Orbits. We would rent out halls and have our own security, they would fit like a thousand people, we would charge like fifteen bucks. Oh, and we would play a mixture of music. We would play new wave, industrial, Spanish rock, merengue, underground house, and that was the mixture of music. The parties were mostly Hispanics.
Andres: What was the first genre of music you started mixing?
Mr. Bobby: I want to say industrial, not that I really played anywhere. It was more practicing at my house. I would like to play remixes of metal music made to be really dance-y, Fear Factory, there’s some badass remixes I have; they’re really really hard and fast. Then I had this industrial tribute to Metallica and it had a bunch of cool industrial remixes. I would remix really hard music together, from there I kept practicing and little by little it grew into what I do now.
Andres: What kind of music do you mix now?
Mr. Bobby: Now... I mean it all depends on where I’m DJ-ing, but I can do industrial, new wave, metal, punk, goth, electro, techno, house, synthy music… I can do a little dubstep, but not too much. It’s got to be a little faster, see, cause when I DJ I don’t like to play one genre because it gets so fucking boring. It’s good for a while. You enjoy it because you know the music, but then its like the same shit, the same shit, the same shit.
Andres: Like deep house.
Mr. Bobby: Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s just like… I don’t know. I like changing it up. I think we all have A.D.D. in a way. Changing up the styles of music keeps us entertained.
Andres: How many records do you own?
Mr. Bobby:  As an actual number of everything? It’s almost impossible to count. I have two terabytes…one terabyte has music, then I still got my cd albums which I’m converting to mp3’s and I still have my vinyl, so that’s a lot.
Andres: When was the first time you worked as a DJ?
Mr. Bobby: I’ve always said that if no one was going to hire me then I would throw my own party. I think I threw my own party. It was probably in my apartment, if not then in my backyard or in someone else’s backyard. That’s where I started, in backyards and houses.
Andres: How long have you been DJing for?
Mr. Bobby: I want to say about 10 years. I’m 30 now and I don’t really remember when I started. I want to say 18 maybe 15, but that was just practicing. It took a lot of actual practice and sitting there and working with music. There’s a lot to actually DJ.
Andres: Do you have another career besides this?
Mr. Bobby: The way I make my money is obviously DJ-ing; I design a lot of flyers, a lot of flyers. I love doing that, so I design all the flyers for my own parties. I just did a flyer for a restaurant, which is cool because I’ve never done that.  I had to work with the colors and how something makes you hungry. It’s got to be very visual. I taught myself. I do that and then right now I work for the city. I unload a truck of garbage cans that are stacked up; I bring them down and set them back up. It’s good exercise, I like doing it because of the exercise otherwise I’d be fat considering I’m a DJ and I go out almost every fucking day and drink. Sometimes the gigs can’t pay you, but they’ll get you drunk (laughs).
Andres: Do you do any club promoting?
Mr. Bobby: Yeah, yeah. Right now I’m promoting for The Mid. They get big acts like Green Velvet, Boys Noize is coming up soon, a lot of big house DJ’s. This Wednesday is going to be Skream & Benga. There are huge dub-step DJs, there’s huge house DJs. There’s some really big names. I get to bring a plus one or plus two and I get paid if I go (laughs). Plus I get two free drinks, which there is freaking expensive. They’re $8 drinks; they just barely added $4 PBR’s.
Andres: I heard that Bad Boy Bill played there the other day.
Mr. Bobby: I missed that one, but do you know who was there?
Andres: Who?
Mr. Bobby: Q-Bert and Kid Koala.
Andres: Oh, really.
Mr. Bobby: Q-Bert is actually the reason I started DJ-ing. My cousin left a VHS of this DJ battle. I watch him and I got so inspired. Doing straight up turntable-ism where he made the music become a totally different track. He put together four different songs and mixed them together. That’s how I started DJ, doing the same thing except I used cd’s, so I can make different loops to songs put them together and make a totally new song.
Andres: How has the party scene changed, that you’ve seen?
Mr. Bobby: When I was throwing my parties, they were an adventures as oppose to how house parties and underground’s are now. Now it just seems, well, house parties, they’ll always be house parties. It’s more chill, you get to talk to people and dance in a certain places. It’s cool. I love it.
            Underground raves and stuff, it just seems to be all about drugs, I hate that. There awesome, I love them, but to make a whole party scene surrounding drugs that just takes away from it. People go there to do drugs rather than to listen to the music or dance. I find that with this party on Saturday, people were playing music geared to what sounded better with the drugs. When I played I had everyone dancing, I didn’t make it all about the drugs.
Andres: So would you call this your lifestyle?
Mr. Bobby: Well, it’s become part of my lifestyle. I never thought that it would be. I didn’t start messing with music and think that I was going to wake up at two o’clock, start drinking, go out at ten/eleven o’clock till the bar closes. Go to the next bar, which closes at four o’clock or go to the next after party. Go home at like, six o’clock, daylight, see everybody out getting ready to go to work. I know my skin is all white because after being out on a crazy crazy night, you look like you’re a zombie (laughs). I didn’t think that… it’s fun, but then it’s not fun. It’s definitely a lot of fun and you don’t want it to end, but then it gets lonely. (Laughs).
Andres: How does you family feel about this?
Mr. Bobby: My mom, she supports it. Going back to this lifestyle, the bad thing about it is that I’ve gone to jail a couple of times because of it. One of the times I went to jail for being a DJ. This guy, Quijote, threw a party Thanksgiving Day, but the place he got was owned by the bank now, I guess he paid the previous owners. The cops raided it. I was like whatever, I’ll wait till they tell me then I’ll pack my stuff and leave. They couldn’t find anyone who threw the party, so they arrested me instead.  I also got pulled over for cocaine and a DUI.
            Its fun and a good time, but you need to be careful out there at the same time. You need to call home for a cab and get home safe. Have a designated driver, preferably someone who’s not as drunk as you (laughs).
Andres: How are the parties different in other parts of the city?
Mr. Bobby: Definitely music! The South Side loves its techno, italo, classics, new wave, electro; The North Side is more technoy, dub- steppy, you know, that kind of stuff.
Andres: Yeah, I see more people spinning and dancing with glow sticks up North than on the South Side.
Mr. Bobby: Yes, yes… definitely.
Andres: Can you see yourself doing this still in the future?
Mr. Bobby: I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What I want to do is work on music. I have some songs; hopefully I’ll get the chance to perform in front of people. I’ve only done it twice. I want to get out there and travel. I want to travel DJ-ing or maybe throw vocals on my own tracks, like Hacker and Miss Kitten. Hacker was DJ-ing and Miss Kitten singing.  I want to go out of Chicago, rather than just being a hood star. I want to go out there and see the world. Right now I’m stuck here.