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Thursday, March 1, 2012

NINA NASTASIA - The Day I Would Bury You

I will say I don't need you to know me
I don't want your help, your name, your wealth
You have plenty of wine
You can offer me a drink
I'll say i'm wise to you
I know what you must think of me here
Then we'll barely speak
I was young then and full of cheek
I wanted to tell you again and again
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How much I blame you
How hard this has been
I always dreamed of the day I would bury you
I never thought on the day i'd stop hating you
On an alter you look smaller
I am musing, coming closer
Now my shadow over you
I swore i'd stay afraid of you
But you aren't the same
And I am not your enemy
Though I lay the band you gave to me
Here as I vowed I would today

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