Mr. Bobbys World: its broken english but i like where he was going with this

Saturday, July 16, 2011

its broken english but i like where he was going with this

When The Friends Are Gone (when the party is over)

This phrase might look stealed, and it is
I borrowed it to ease my pain
To get some sleep
I saw myself at a really good party
Everyone was laughing
Everybody were dancing
And I just stared at them
I was the host, I was their fun
I baked a lot of goodies
I poured my best wine
They all seemed to enjoy it
but I served more than that
I gave them this heart of mine
Now, the music’s off
no more dancing, no more laughing
Here only remains the stinkig smoke
all the trash I have to take tomorrow out
Now, the lights are off
I’m just cleaning up, I’m sadly yearning
Here only stays the silent noise
all of my memories must be deleted now
And I’m here again, in old familiar shoes
Trying hard to figure out whatever went wrong
Trying my best to work things out and keep on
And I’m here again, waiting for good news
You came to me and left me empty
you took everything I had away
I cannot complain my dears
I let you got away with it
I’m the only one to blame
Be sure, oblivion I have plenty
When the friends are gone
there’s nothing left to do
but clean up all your house
and swipe away your tears
That’s what always happens
when the party is over.

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