Mr. Bobbys World: Poésie Noire - Pity For The Self

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poésie Noire - Pity For The Self

All the time I keep wodering why
Why my troubles always multiply
Not that I often feel the need to cry
But it always ends up to another lullaby

And all the problems come up my way
And they all appear on the same day
And they change my mood from bright to gray
Sometimes they're so frightful they force me to pray

I want break the chains
Forget this awful pains
Clean away persistent stainforget this deadful rain
Raise it out of my brain
Hope steaming through my veins(3×)

And when the black cloud closes
It just stopped before the overdosis
And everything is coming up roses
And another bright day esposes

It always contains that sneaky snake
Like small tears stand on a slumbering ache
Like a domain with a hidden lake
Driving me insane make it even more opaque

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