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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've been spending my time watching a lot of things keeping my mind busy. recently watched the whole series of astro boy. I've never really watched it before. saw the newer movie and liked it so decided why not. its actually really really good. I think its better than the movie actually. its a lot better and more serious and not so clean cut. I dont want to go to into it. its just something you should take your time to watch. Its the best towards the end of the series. Thank you netflix! was definetly something i would have not watched if not for it. 

The movie was really well made. i love animation movies. seriously has seemed like they are getting a lot more serious too. tear jerkers and anything that would make an adult enjoy it as well.They did change the actual story a little. his dad/creator is much nicer in this movie and he is not the main evil doer either. This movie has its funny moments mostly with the dog. :) 

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